Your Questions

Can anyone learn to ring?
If you can get up our spiral stairs and hold a rope then it is possible for you to learn – do our quiz to check out whether it is for you.

Is it physically hard?
Ringing uses all your muscles to some extent but it requires technique rather than strength.

Do I have to go to church?
Ringing for church services is a key part of being a member of St Mary’s band but many ringers do not attend church services.  Being a Christian is not a requirement.

Do I need special equipment?
Comfortable shoes and loose tops are really the only requirements.

Do I wear special clothes?
Comfortable shoes and loose tops are advised although your “squad” may offer special t-shirts.

Am I too young to learn?
10 is the usual minimum age for ringing although this does depend on height and maturity.

Am I too old to learn?
You can never be too old to learn!